Testing the Waters


The past year or so has been filled with a plethora of changes and challenges for our family.  In the midst of all the perceived heartache and heartbreak, we have found ourselves wanting less, laughing more, and learning true value of friends and family.  Along this transformational journey, we have encountered new adventures, explored new ways of approaching life and above all, we have discovered that laughing at ourselves is an untapped source of joy.

It is my hope to one day whittle down the magnitude of our misadventures and write a book.  This blog is the first baby step in making that happen.  This blog will serve as a forum to share the antics of our family and to gain valuable feedback from family and friends, which I can use to hone my writing skills.   I cannot guarantee you will find the blog interesting or the stories amusing, but I can almost guarantee that you will be thankful that your family is not quite as quirky as ours!

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  1. Ok, it all sounded good until I read the last line, and since I’m family, what the heck am I going to be thankful for???

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