20 Questions-Quid Quo Pro

20 Questions-Quid Quo Pro

aquidI am freakishly weird and somehow I still manage to live a relatively mundane life.  Through my blog posts, I have shared real-life stories that usually emphasize my ‘quirky factor’ or my inclination to screw thing up.  I think it is time for us to get to know each other better.  I will answer a series of “getting to know you” questions.  Here’s the twist!  I want you to answer them too!  Take some time.  Answer one, a few, or all of them!  You can respond in the comments section on my blog, through an email, or you can really put yourself out there and post it on FACEBOOK!  I am so pumped to read your answers!

Question #1:  What is the first thing you do in the morning?

The first thing I do every morning is take my two spoiled adorable canines, Cooper and Piper, outside.  Priorities…it’s what’s for breakfast.

Question #2:  What is your biggest addiction?

My phone is my biggest addiction.  It’s my friend.  Sad, lonely truth such as it is

Question #3:  What is your favorite TV channel?

It is a draw between Discovery ID and Animal Planet.  I am warped in what holds my interest.  Mainly women flipping their $hit and killing someone and/or the pursuit of the elusive, albeit REAL, Bigfoot.  It’s the little things.

Question #4: What is the thing you are the most afraid of?

This would have to be losing one of my children.  I am not sure have the emotional fabric to rise above this one.

Question #5:  What celebrity annoys you the most?

This answer is an oxymoron.  The Kardashians are at the top of my list of annoying celebrities.  With that being said, I do not consider them worthy of the ‘celebrity’ descriptor.

Question #6:  If you were running for office, what would your campaign slogan be?

Vote Thurman! American Can Do Better…But Why Break Tradition?

Question #7:  What product would you refuse to promote?

I am fresh off watching Black Fish, a documentary about the ghastly inside workings of Sea World.  I have never been caught up in the Magical Kingdom of Disney and some of you will probably feel compelled to pray for the impending damnation of my soul for my stance against the iconic American theme park.  I didn’t say I would throw blood in Shamu’s tank or chain myself to the killer whale statue with dynamite strapped to my torso, but the revelations in Black Fish take me out of the running for endorsing or patronizing Sea World.

Question #8: If you could change one thing about your looks, what would it be?

The problem with this question is the narrow parameters!  The limit of ‘one’ forces me to select changing my height.  I would love to be taller and hopefully adding a few inches would cause several of my other unsightly flaws to straighten themselves out.

Question #9:  If you were a super hero, what would your powers be?

I am going to use the fact that the question is posed in the plural sense that I get to choose more than one!  Of course, I would be able to fly.  I would also have the power of invisibility.  Sometimes I randomly tell people at work and my family that I am invisible, with the hope that the power of wishful thinking will make it so.  Despite my best mental efforts, I am always plainly visible (insert heavy sigh here).

Question #10:  How many books have you read this year?


Question #11:  Do you have any food hang-ups?

I have so many food hang-ups that even I have to recognize my ridiculousness.  I don’t normally eat white foods.  I hate sour cream, all salad dressings, cream cheese, mushrooms, fish, and beans (except green ones). I do like milk, but I cannot drink milk out of the same glass after someone (even someone I love with all my heart).  Diet Pepsi must be at optimum drinking temperature.  This category should probably be a stand-alone blog post.

Question #12:  Turn on your music shuffle, what are the first six songs that play?

                Kryptonite-3 Doors Down

Ain’t Nobody’s Problem-Lumineers

Send Me on My Way-Rusted Root

Walk in the Rain-Passenger

Linkin Park-Numb

Johnny Cash-Folsom Prison Blues

 Question # 13:  What was the last lie you told?

The last lie I told is also the one I tell the most frequently:  “I am almost ready.  I just need to brush my teeth.”  This actually means that I am about 15 solid minutes from being close to ready.  It is the cross I bear.

Question #14:  Do you have a collection of anything?

I collect coins.  Not the valuable rare variety, but the kind you throw in the bottom of your purse or in the ashtray of your car.  Loose change is not safe around me.  I swipe it off the kitchen counters, out of pockets in the laundry, and if left unattended on bedroom dressers.  I have a jar that counts the coins as I put them into it and I am a freak about filling up my jar!

Question #15:  Do you have any nicknames?

 My grandpa called me Poncho because I wore a blue poncho all the time.  Siri calls me “Sweetie” and I try and make Kevin    call me that as well.  It’s harder to get Kevin to stick with that one.  Siri seems to have no problem with it.

Question #16:  What is the last thing you purchased?

I went to the store before work and I purchased:  A fresh baby spinach salad with cranberries, Low-fat granola, orange juice (not from concentrate), Benadryl, and toothpaste.

Question #17:  What is a saying you say a lot?

                “I have absolutely no more shits to give.”

Question #18:  What is your favorite word?


Question #19:  What is the worst injury that you ever had?

                A broken heart.

Question #20.  What is the first thing you would do if you only had one month to live?

I would help Kevin find a new wife.  She would have to meet the basic requirements of being funny, healthy, kind, smart, and love sports and my kids.  She also couldn’t be smokin’ hot. Basically, I would be looking for a 9 on the inside and a 5 or 6 on the outside. I am a human being, not a cell phone. I am not going to let him upgrade from a Nokia flip phone to an iPhone 5C!

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