First Leg of the Journey-Big Prayers for Big Kevin (Update)

First Leg of the Journey-Big Prayers for Big Kevin (Update)

Greetings from the Lone Star State!  The Cancer Crusade left St. Louis on Thursday and arrived safely in Houston.  Friday was a long day for the patient (and his entourage) with a busy schedule of registrations and more testing.  Although Kevin had a lot of tests kev2leading up to his diagnosis, MD Anderson does all their own testing.  It is obvious that these folks are the experts and we were anxious to get the process going.  Kevin had another biopsy, which is currently being analyzed by their pathologist.  He also had more labs drawn and then a marathon MRI.

Friday he was also seen by his main doctor, Dr. Shirley Su, who is not only adorable, but brilliant and one of the few experts in the bitch-ass trespassing type of cancer that has called squatter’s rights and established residency in Kevin’s sinus cavity.  If anyone can deport these illegal alien cells, I am confident it is her.  Bonus track—she is also from Australia and I LOVE to listen to her talk.  She is a small woman of Asian descent, but I fully expect her to slap him on the shoulder and say, “No worries, mate.  We will have you back to being just a big healthy bloke in no time.”

Her initial impression is that the cancer was caught in the early stages, but is waiting on the test results to confirm the grade and stage, which will determine the actual course of treatment.  She nearly guaranteed surgery (removing the tumor, drilling into the brain to make sure the little jackass cells haven’t migrated, and removing the healthy tissue or margins around the tumor), but the unknown is if it will also include radiation or chemo or both.   We had hoped that Kevin would be able to get the surgery completed during this trip, but unfortunately that isn’t going to happen.  Apparently, when people come from all over the world to seek cancer treatments, there is a high demand for the experts and Big Kevin requires two—Dr. Su and a neurosurgeon.  Despite what I think, Kevin is not the only patient here and there are some logistics involved (insert sassy wife eye-roll here).  He has to endure a couple more weeks of not being able to sleep or breathe.

So really the update is- there really is no update.  MD Anderson is an AMAZING place and there is no doubt we he is exactly in the right place.  Being here has dialed down my panic a few notches and I am a little more at peace with getting him better and keeping him that way!

The only thing more amazing than MD Anderson is the love, support, and generosity of ALL OF YOU!  For those of you who know me, you know that no matter what I am feeling or thinking there is little or no guesswork involved.  Kevin, on the other hand, is geared quite differently.  To say that he is laid back and even keeled is probably an understatement.  In fact, I have witnessed extreme displays of emotion (anger, sadness, etc.) maybe 10 times in the two-plus decades we have shared.  As the messages of hope, concern, encouragement and support have rolled in, it has hit our big guy in a BIG way.  More than once over the last few days he had to put his phone away, completely overwhelmed.  It is pretty hard to piss Kevin off, but it is even harder to make him cry and he probably won’t like me spilling the beans about his “leaking eyes”.  There is no way I can express what a positive impact the community rallying around Kevin (and his family) has had during a time like this, nor could I begin to convey how the display of love and support has left him in awe of “all the fuss” over him.  There are no words worthy enough to express our gratitude (I even used my thesaurus).

Kevin will resume his appointments with his doctors on Monday and hopefully we will soon learn what the treatment plan will be.  Thank you in advance for your continued prayers.  There is no denying that God is at work in a BIG WAY and personally, I am expecting Him to come through in a BIG way!  With that being said, those of you who send me text reminders of God’s promises and God’s love, please don’t stop.  It keeps the tendency for my prayers of gratitude and faith escalating into sassy and angry rants to a minimum.  Kevin is good and I remain a work in progress.

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  1. Just want let you know I’m praying for Kevin, you and the rest of family every day. God’s going to keep you in His embrace through everything you all are going through. Love, Aunt Jessie & Uncle Don

  2. Glad you are there (Houston). I pray that you will get great news–I can just hear “Houston, we’re ok!” Again, I and multitudes are sending prayers skyward, but remember Jesus is walking/carrying all of you here on earth. You may be in the big state of TX, but hundreds are trusting and keeping the faith right here in MO. Thank you, God, for your omnipresence! Kevin, I’ll see you at MAC during this school year, ok? I may even get some “home grown” eggs for you…God bless and keep you! ~marlene

  3. I just learned about the diagnosis this week. So glad to see your blog & read where you are in treatment plans. Please know your family is in my prayers. Hang in there & take care of each other.

  4. Karie: I never know what to expect when I read your post here on heavysighsandsmiles, but you know I am a true fan. I’ve read good times, hard times, sad times, and funny times about your life, or someone in your life, or something that just happened to catch your eye and turn that brain of yours into a whirlwind of words that must find an avenue to be shared. It always amazes me how you interpret a story, good, bad, or indifferent, and somehow in the end, show truth, excitement, and faith which guides you on this journey through life. I know this time you have a mountain to climb and I know you will climb it, and I know you will have heavy sighs and smiles along the way. I hope you know there will be many many thoughts and prayers to help get you to the top. God speed on yours and Kevin’s journey. Love Connie

    • Thank you!! It is refreshing when someone actually gets something out of my chaotic thought processes! Seeing all the love, kindness and support for Kevin (and the family) makes every step tolerable and makes the next step possible. Thank you!

  5. So glad he is at MD Anderson. Prayers for a quick surgery schedule so he can breathe better, literally and you, figuratively.

  6. Bear 🐻 HUGS to both of you!!! Prayers for you as you embark on this journey toward Kevin’s treatment process!!

  7. Lots of prayers for Kevin and your entire family. May your travels be safe, your treatments be effective, and your road to back to normalcy be short and fast.

  8. We are praying for you and your family. The medical community can do a great job of curing cancer— we both are living examples of that. Be strong— you will beat this!!!

  9. I’m so thankful you are at MD Anderson! My prayers will continue for a successful surgery, complete healing and for God to watch over your entire family!

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