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What Lies Between the Hectic

What Lies Between the Hectic

I am guilty. I live life too fast, take on too much and try to cram way too much activity into an incredibly small space of time. My mom used to say I went at everything half-cocked and half-assed, which is more or less true.
This weekend was an action-packed full-throttle weekend. Now it’s Monday and I am tired, my laundry situation is critical, and I am bummed because I missed two of my favorite little guys’ birthday party. However, I did manage to attend one day of a two day track meet, coach four basketball games, watch at least six more basketball games, cook one decent meal, discard another perfectly good meal by accident (sorry, Kim) and remembered to buy dog food and people food at the store yesterday evening.
I need balance. I have never had it. I am an unbalanced individual. My children are unbalanced. Most of our meals are unbalanced. My husband, Kevin, is the only thing consistently centered and balanced in our household. We are like a bunch of spastic little electrons spinning around him. He is our nucleus.
There are kids, dogs, cats, laundry, sports, and chaos happening all the time and there is always at least one person claiming to be on the verge of starvation at all times. I look around at other families at the youth sporting events and envy the collective manner in which they seem to have it all together. I imagine their dinners with foods from all the food groups, all the laundry folded and tucked away, and everyone waking in the mornings to the smell of bacon frying. It’s a far cry from my reality. In my world, pizza is counted as a healthy choice, even if it has zero veggies on it. The Thurman’s battle over the last clean towel before anyone would actually put of load in the washer and we usually start the mornings, with: “Oh $hit! (fill in the blank with any of the following:
a. We over slept
b. There is no more hot water.
c. The dog threw up on my pillow.
d. Does anyone know where my (track shoes, backpack, phone, hairbrush, etc.) is?

socksThis is NO LIE. Sophi has gone to school, not once, but TWICE without wearing shoes! She realized it when she was almost to school, but Kevin was getting onto Evan for one thing or another and so she chose to stay quiet. She hops out of the car in her socks, walks into school, and has the school secretary call me at work. The secretary said she had worked at the school for thirty years and had kids forget all kinds of things, but this was the first time she had ever encountered a kid who forgot to put on her shoes! (We Thurman’s like to set the bar really high). Sophi explained the situation, “Well, I put my shoes by the door and I grab them when I go out the door. Sometimes my ‘go’ gets ahead of my ‘grab’.”
Riley, my oldest, called to say she was coming home from college yesterday for an impromptu visit. This kicked me into ‘Mom mode’ and I went to the store to get people food (and dog food) and threw together a meal that included almost all of the food groups. Right before I finally closed by eyes last night (actually, it was early this morning before I got to close my eyes), I reflected on the best parts of my weekend. I concluded these were the best parts:
ariley• Snuggling with Riley and watching a movie long after I should have been asleep.
• Seeing my crew of young girls come together as a team and win will grace and lose with grace.
• Laughing at my son, Evan, as he entertained us with his unique and totally inappropriate sense of humor.
• Celebrating Kevin coaching Sophi’s team to a sweet tournament victory.magic
• After calling Kevin a maniac for tickling me until I screamed, he calmly asked me to give him a definition of a ‘maniac’. After my in-depth definition of a ‘maniac’, we lay there in silence for a few seconds. Realizing that I had just described myself to the letter, we both burst into laughter.
sophevanLike so many families, we are constantly on the go. We often let our ‘go’ get ahead of our ‘grab’. Sometimes, it seems like life is lived at a frantic pace, but I know better. There are those things found in the moments between the hectic that really count. The snuggles, laughter, love and smiles are the moments that matter. More time is something I wish for, but I have found I don’t really need more time; I just need to carve out more moments between the hectic.

Censored by My Husband-Big Kevin Vetoes Blog Post

Censored by My Husband-Big Kevin Vetoes Blog Post

It is hard to believe that it is barely 2014 and the suppression of free speech has already reared its ugly head.  My original blog post was entitled, ‘Full-Court Press Cookies-Expressions through Confections ‘.  It was a charming little story about how I took my basketball team of scallywags and went head-to-head with a seasoned coach and his well-groomed team.  I would love to tell you that the basketball gods smiled on us and we pulled out a victory with a last second shot at the buzzer or other such Hoosier-inspired happy ending.  It would be a story about underdogs scratching their way to a victory over impossible odds.  Yeah…no such thing happened.  We got our asses handed to us!


Kevin and I are polar opposites in many ways.  He stands just a hair under 6’8” tall and I am stand 5’4” with my boots on!  He is rational, practical, and speaks only words that need to be spoken.  I tend to be a little irrational, a tad quirky and have been known to engage him in long in-depth conversations debating such topics as chupacabra, Big Foot, and the intellectual potential of our two incredibly smart dogs.  NOTE: By saying ‘engage in conversation’, I mean I talk non-stop until he agrees with me or says he will ‘think about it’, which means he will never agree with me, but wants desperately for me to shut up.  Although we are completely different in many ways, he is the love of my life and patiently puts up with my compulsive tardiness, occasional sassiness, and my complete affinity for ridiculousness.  So, it doesn’t exactly surprise me that he threw the brakes on the Full Court Press Cookies.


I don’t think his opposition to me sharing the story is rooted in our embarrassing loss or the fact that I took a group of boys that nobody else wanted to coach and gave them an opportunity to play ball.  He is a real coach.  He knows more about the game than just about anyone I know.  He knows how to win and although he doesn’t like to lose, he does so with dignity and class.  So, when our little gang of castaways were within four points just before the end of the first half, I have to think he was secretly, albeit quietly, proud of us.  I am almost certain that it isn’t what happened in the second half that makes him skittish about me posting.  Even though he won’t admit it, I know what kind of coach he is.  When his team play teams which are considerably weaker, he always has the scorekeeper quit putting points on the scoreboard if his team is ahead by 20 or more.  So, as the favored team pulled further and further ahead of us and they didn’t pull off the press, he knew my frustration was justified.  My passive-aggressive response to the decision to keep the full court pressure on until the game ending buzzer is probably the source of his resistance.


You see, Kevin is good friends with the coach who ran up the score on me and my band of lost boys!   Kevin insists that I let too much emotion bleed into whatever it is I am doing and I just needed to stifle myself.   It wasn’t a big deal.  His answer:  ‘just let it go’.  I tried.  However, when Coach took his place at the card table in our basement on poker night, I seized the opportunity to make a point.  I baked dozens of chocolate chip cookies and when the last batch was still warm, I sent my daughter down to the poker table with the platter of cookies and the following note attached:


These are not ordinary cookies.  These are FULL COURT PRESS COOKIES.  Everyone can eat as many as he wants with ONE exception…  Coach can only start eating cookies after everyone else is 30 cookies ahead of him.  Enjoy!


In my defense, I think my use of cookies was a harmless and fun way to express my differing views on game strategy.   I was thankful that Coach was a good sport about my little cookie rant.  I think too often adults get in the way of the true purpose of youth sports and that saddens me.  As a parent, I have been on a journey to bring things into focus.  I have forced myself to step back and look at the BIG picture and ask myself the following questions when I feel the pull of  the “victory-by-association” trying to steer my reactions and actions:  1. In the big scheme of things, how much does this (race, win, loss, scratch, DQ) really matter?  2. What do I want my athlete to take away from this experience? 3. Is she/he still having fun?  4. Are my reactions supporting or hindering his/her development?  Perhaps, somewhere along this journey of mine, Kevin will give his blessing for me to share the story of the FCP Cookies 😉


Garret and Trey


Kyle, Evan and Saige